Why I miss YU-Peace?

„Locked up in the house because of all this chaos happening around us, I had the opportunity to think about the past, better days. My summer 2019 was marked by the participation in the well-known Peace Camp in Split. Although more than a year has passed since then, some memories remain clear in my mind, when I met a lot of good, interesting and special young people. Each person with whom I exchanged a few words was different in their own way, and yet radiated goodness and positive energy which only further glorified all the days spent there. From various activities and workshops to enjoying swimming, sunbathing and talking. Delighted by this experience, two months later I signed up for a weekend visit to Srebrenica which was a great opportunity to see some good friends again. I am grateful for everyone I met. Every person taught me that we are perfect as we are and that together we can do more and better. I miss all the well-known faces, especially those with whom I became close. While writing the pages of this short story, I look forward to meeting everyone again in future. Greetings to everyone and take care!“

Vesna Topić, from Vukovar Croatia