Soon, the dialogue seminar for young women from Palestine and Israel will start. This year, once more, more than 40 women from Israel and Palestine are coming to Germany for two weeks of serious political dialogue. Given the political situation on the ground, some may wonder what motivates people from the region to meet, argue, listen to each other despite everything? Our partners remain convinced that dialogue is worthwhile – especially now. The seminar is not about enjoying leisure time, taking a vacation or normalizing power relations; on the contrary, it’s about bringing the difficult issues, the power asymmetries and injustices to the table. “We don’t come here to make friends”, a former Palestinian coordinator used to stress. The dialogue has the clear goal of motivating young people to become active for change in their societies themselves – this is especially true for the Israeli participants. For many, the dialogue seminar is the beginning. Want to learn more about the concept of the dialogue seminars? where we work > Israel and Palestine > Dialogue Seminars