„YU-Peace is a beautiful story of which I became part of in 2019, and I still feel the same emotions I felt the first day. It is a special, positive story, very important for us young people, which teaches us how to look forward and to walk without looking back. The pandemic situation disrupted everything, including our hang outs and activities. I miss these wonderful people with whom everything is more beautiful, colorful and interesting. I miss talking together, going out, actions … It is really hard to put all those emotions into one text. One is not even aware of how important something is until one experiences and feels it. YU-Peace also holds such a mystery. You will hear beautiful stories, but you need to experience it. You need to meet all these people and get out of your comfort zone. Feel the love and its true meaning. Through this story, we also grow up, get rid of some fears, and gain self-confidence and security. We learn the things that are important to know and most importantly, make lifelong friends, who are always there for us. During this time, we become one family, where we selflessly give all our love and all our emotions. I am sure that we are all looking forward to new gatherings and warm hugs! ”

Marija Cvjetinović from Srebrenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina