Why and how much I miss YU-Peace?

„This year, most of the time, I missed my friends from YU-Peace, I missed us hanging out, our talks, our hugs, and the fact that together we promote peace. I miss YU-Peace because these people have become my family. Sometimes I say that I went through everything in my life with them more than with my real family.

This year has left a big void in me because this year I could neither see nor visit them, nor socialize through various workshops. I can only see and talk with my friends online, we are in contact every day but that’s not the same – we can’t hug, kiss or take a walk like we could before. But, I expect that all this will pass quickly and that we will see each other as soon as possible, to hug again and hang out together as well as make some actions and continue to change our society. Somehow this time is gloomy and strange regarding everything, because you feel emptiness in your heart.  (…) I miss our weekend visits most, no matter how short they were, they bring us even closer together and connect us on deeper level. Of course, I miss all our camps with their good and crazy atmosphere where I always learn something new (…) I want for these crazy times to pass as soon as possible, for all of us to stay healthy, to meet each other soon and walk together towards new activities, supporting others and spreading love and peace every single day.  But for now, we have to stay at home, to have some new and better times and to go through all of this.”

Dragana Mijatović, from Sombor, Serbia