During the one-week follow-up camp in Vukovar, Croatia, the focus was not only on how participants can work for peaceful societies across borders, but also on dealing with the region’s war-torn past.

Biljana Gaća, an activist from our local partner organisation „Our House Europe“ held a workshop entitled „What do I know about Vukovar? What do I know about the events in 1991?“ in which she first told about her personal experiences of growing up and finding her way in a post-war society. This gave the young people an idea of what Vukovar had looked like in the past, but also what the young people had done to make Vukovar what it is today. Bilijana’s commitment to change in the city inspired many participants to start projects and campaigns in their own cities through the YU-Peace network.

In the afternoon after the workshop, the group visited the memorial site in Ovčara, where they commemorated the victims of the 1991 massacre with a minute of silence. The young people were very touched by the tour of a veteran who had survived the massacre and recounted the events that the victims went through.