Dear all, thank you so much for following our project and the digital advent calender this year!

We close 2020 with one last voice from a participant of one of our Dialogue Seminars for young women* from Israel and Palestine, Reut G.:

“I decided to go to the seminar because I was curious to see the other side. From childhood on we are taught about the difference between us, about the disputes and the wars and I wanted to see for myself.  I found out, what should have been obvious, that we are all human. Women to be exact, and the similarity between us is more than our differences. The seminar offered me a rare opportunity to meet an amazing group of women, in a neutral place and have an open, honest and genuine dialogue. I met new friends, we cooked, we hung out, we cried, laughed and we talked about our lives, the conflict and its effects on all of us.  I came back more optimistic and I truly believe that change is possible. If more people will participate in seminars like this, the change will come faster.”

Happy New Year, see you all in 2021!