„YU-Peace is for me a big step towards a better world. One great community with one goal, to bring peace to the world. We go step by step, because that is the only way to reach the goal, we slowly but surely walk united to fix what can be fixed. For people who believe that there is still goodness left in people, for people who do not have prejudices towards others, who do not hate. For people who love, who spread love wherever they go, in the every city they visit. For us who still believe in humanity. Some people still live in the past, of course, we should not forget history, but we should try not to repeat it. That’s what we do, we live for a better tomorrow.
I went through a lot with YU-Peace. I met new friends, visited many places, learned new things, expanded my knowledge and even went to the seaside for the first time in my life. Great things for a child. I met some of my best friends here, experienced the most beautiful moments in my life, realized that it doesn’t matter what religion or nationality you are, how you are dressed, what skin color you are, who your parents are. It is important not to hate, but to love yourself and respect others.
I can’t say I miss YU-Peace, we’re all here, hanging out, talking, doing nice and useful things even online. If you are determined to do something you always find a way. But I miss hanging out face-to-face, actions, workshops, meeting. I miss everything a lot, and when I remember how it used to be, what we did, I feel sadness and joy at the same time. Joy, because I remember all the beautiful moments and wonderful people I met, and sadness because there is no such thing at the moment. But I know it will continue. We will continue where we left off. Vukovar, Tuzla, Sombor, GVU, Srebrenica. This is YU-Peace. Young people from three different countries with one goal. It sounds like a mission impossible, but with the right people leading us to a better tomorrow, anything is possible.I have tried to describe what YU-Peace is to me, how much and why I miss it, but it cannot be described in words, it is something that must be felt in order to be understood.“

Teodora Bijelić, Sombor, Serbia