On the last weekend of April, 14 participants met for another team training seminar in Bethlehem. Starting in autumn, some of these participants will form the team for the new trialogue groups of our partner organisation Seekers*.

Despite the currently extremely tense situation in Israel and Palestine, Karim A.*, Or D. and Mahida S.*, who led the training, were very enthusiastic. „The team training was amazing, creative and very successful. One could feel that there is a special bond of intuitive trust between the participants. Everyone felt safe to share their perspectives and especially the discussions in the small groups and the 1-to-1 sessions where only 2 participants talk to each other were really effective”, says Karim, the Palestinian facilitator from West Bank. The participants spent part of the seminar sharing their personal story in the context of the conflict and occupation, as well as their family narratives. The fact that the future facilitators repeatedly go through elements of the dialogue process which they will then facilitate themselves, is a fundamental part of the training concept.