Whether and how “dialogue across borders” is possible in this situation within the framework of dialogue seminars, as we have been organizing in Germany since 2002 (after the “First Intifada”, in a situation also marked by violence), we do not know at the moment. However, even in these painful times, there are still people on both sides who find strength in staying in contact with the “other side” and working together towards non-violence and understanding. We are more convinced than ever that it is these direct human interactions that can help to overcome hatred and hostility and to fight for the chance of a non-violent future.

We are in regular contact with our partners and will be discussing their needs over the coming months, finding out what opportunities they see to organize encounters in 2024 and what such activities could look like in order to have an empowering effect during this time, which surely is (re-)traumatizing for both sides. For more information have a look at our special bulletin.