As we write these lines, protests and demonstrations at the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip are taking place. There are many deaths and injuries; once again it becomes obvious that currently, there seem to be no strategies beyond violence and escalation. Many of the participants come to the dialogue seminars without any concrete expectations –their whole lives have been shaped too much by disappoint-ments and a deterioration of the cur-rent situation in Israel and Palestine. The dialogue enables them to share their points of view and often also the hopelessness they feel with regards to the political situation. After the seminar, many participants feel changed. One participant wrote: „Thank you for turn-ing my life upside down!“In former Yugoslavia, many, especially well-educated, people are leaving the countries looking for jobs in Western Europe. Members of the Youth United in Peace (YU-Peace) network tell us how important their work in the project is to them as it gives them the opportunity to change something in their society and work towards a better future.Dialogue cannot solve all conflicts. But we firmly believe that there will be no solution without these young people in Israel and Palestine and in the former Yugoslavia! „It really matters what you do. It made me a more attentive and compassionate person. I have a lot to process now, but that’s better than closing my eyes“, a participant shared.