These days, we are finishing our Yearly Report. Every day, we come across stories and impressions of participants. Filip from Sombor in Serbia wrote to us about his experience at the Peace Camp in Medena 2021:

„This was one indescribable experience for me.

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to talk to people who have unfortunately had such a situation to live through injustice and crime or to see it happen to someone. I am glad that I got the opportunity to hear the experience from the field, and not the manipulated information that politicians process and spread through the textbooks from which we all learned. I am glad to have heard the truth, not the sentences that cover up the crime and make heroes out of those who are the poison for peace in our society. And in the end I am glad to have met brave and strong people who are fighting for what is much bigger than ourselves. They believe it is possible to win in a fight that even the stronger give up. Because they believe each of us can contribute with a little humanity and empathy. (…)“