„This situation is especially difficult for me because this year was supposed to be the turning point of my life. It is my last year in high school, and I was planning to graduate and celebrate my success with my family and friends. I planned on visiting Sarajevo and exploring different universities to find the best one for me. But instead, all I could do was to apply online, do the entry exams as best I could, and hope for good results. I want to use this time to learn new things and improve my skills in any department. But I lack motivation and am constantly under stress. What keeps me up is my day to day work and responsibilities. I try to complete all the tasks on my to do list. It helps me feel better and more productive. Going to the Center and coordinating it also helps, because it fills me up with a sense of responsibility and activity. I am very thankful for this opportunity. I try every day to contribute, either to myself and my family or others. I participate in online workshops and courses to lose my sense of social and work isolation. The Youth Center continues to work and participate in projects. We applied for one that aims to support people in times of pandemic and we are hoping to make the best of it. The members of the teen group are very impatient about our activities and socializing. We try not to lose contact and keep track of all the events together through online-meetings and plan how and what to do next. However, there is a life after this, and we are all willing and eager to make the most of our time. Hopefully, all of this ends soon so we can enjoy in socializing and working together.“

ALMINA ŠEHIĆ, coordinator and representative of the Youth Center in GVU

„I’m Maya Musa. I am graduating from secondary school this year. For the last couple of months this school year I planned everything down to details. I wanted to finish secondary school with a lot of memories, to have the perfect graduation and excursion, but due to the pandemic, my plans will not be fulfilled. Now I’m still trying to adapt to this whole situation. I try to make this time productive too. I do not want to remember the pandemic as a time when I was just lying down, but for this period to be a period in which I learned many new things. Now I am learning Spanish, doing some online courses, and perfecting my essay writing. I try not to spoil the grades because of the new way of teaching, but I miss my normal life. Although I thought I would never say this, I wish I could go to school and spend time with classmates and even a little time with the teachers. I miss the youth center and I can’t wait to continue the workshops and activities “face to face”. I hope this situation will pass soon, and that we will all return to our normal daily life, even if my prom gets abolished! New adventures in a new school are waiting for me in September and I sincerely look forward to it!“

MAJA MUSA, member of the teen group in the Youth center, GVU

„Like all the other towns in our country, our town also suited all activities according to the current situation. Streets are almost empty, just a few citizens are out to do the shopping or some other necessary obligations. I think that situation is currently good and every person can adjust its life for better days which are coming soon. In this situation I am trying to reduce outside activities as much as I can. Despite all this negativity around us, there are still things we can do to improve ourselves. I hope that the end of this situation is near.“
ELMA TRKIĆ, member of the teen group in the Youth center, GVU

„Unfortunately, the pandemic that hit us all, it took away our freedom to go out and spend time with our friends. It takes a long time and we are not able to use this time to hang out and play basketball, which I particularly miss. But I’m trying to stay positive, and I hope this ends soon and everything will go back to normal.“
AHMED GUDIĆ, member of the teen group in the Youth center, GVU