10 September, 2021
Café am Grün, Marburg, Am Grün 28, 35037 Marburg

    Can Dialogue be part of the resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict? The Israel-Palestine conflict is a long-lasting conflict, often perceived as very deadlocked. Under the umbrella of the project „Vacation from War – Dialogues across Borders“, activists from Israel and Palestine organize dialogue seminars for young Israelis and Palestinians every year. How does getting to know the perspective of the „Others“ change one’s own view of the conflict, the political situation on the ground or even the view of personal and collective history? To what extent does dialogue pave the way for joint conflict resolution?
    Israeli and Palestinian coordinators of the project share their experiences, the challenges of their political work on the ground and their perspectives on the current political situation. Furthermore they will reveal why they think it is necessary to have dialogue seminars specifically for women* and what makes them so special, including the significance of adopting a feminist perspective in both the seminar setting and the broader field of conflict transformation.

    The event will be held in English; questions and comments in the discussion can be voiced in German and will be translated by the facilitation.Please note Corona restrictions of Hessen, Marburg and the Café am Grün. Café am Grün requires participants to wear masks during the event in addition to official Corona Restrictions.

    Due to the dynamically developing pandemic situation, we have to ask for registration via anmeldung@ferien-vom-krieg.de or by phone, 0221-9726918 (please leave a message) stating your full name and adress as well as the number of persons. You can also register via the button „join us“ above. Also, we unfortunately can only allow people who have been tested, vaccinated or have recovered from Corona to take part in the event and are obliged to check the corresponding certification upon entry.

    The event is financially supported by the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation Germany and the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation Hessen.