More than 70 active members of the network Youth United in Peace (YU-Peace) met on Saturday, April 20, 2024 for a one-day visit to Vukovar (Croatia), which was accompanied by our local partner organization „Our House Europe“.

After long-awaited hugs of reunion, the young people from Vukovar first showed the other participants around their city and then the premises of „Our House Europe“, where they learned more about the organization’s work.

Then David Mrđanov, one of the activists from Vukovar, who also studies philosophy, gave an energetic workshop on Kant’s ideas of Perpetual Peace, which motivated the participants to continue to stand up for peace in society and to be active. The rest of the afternoon was then spent together outside in nature, decorating bags under the motto „Your vision of peace“, singing and dancing together or simply sitting together talking. Many of the participants had not seen each other for a while over the fall and winter and had a lot to share with each other.