Many participants of the dialogue seminars for young adults from Israel and Palestine share afterwards how they have changed their thinking about the “others”, their perspective about occupation and the conflict in a lasting way. For many of them, this experience had a significant impact on further decisions in their lives, such as becoming a political activist, joining human rights organizations or initiatives that fight for a just solution to the conflict or personally supporting the people on the „other side“.
In the former Yugoslavia, too, young people often learn for the first time during the encounters that there is not only one, but several truths about historical events. During the encounters the participants have the opportunity to break out of old patterns of thought. They get to know „others“, discuss their common history and shared present in workshops. The time spent together gives them courage and hope for a better future and the realization that they can do something for it themselves. Many participants remain active in their cities after the meetings and join the cross-border network Youth United in Peace.
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