“When I got back home (from the sea camp) I missed my friends a lot. But they give me the courage to stand up to talk to my dad about what happened. And we came to an agreement that not all Serbs are bad, not all Croats are bad and not all Bosnians are good. Now I got to teach everything I learned and more than that. So for YU-Peace I can only say Thank you.” – Indira Valjevac

Every summer, around 120 young people between the ages of 14 and 17 from five cities in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina meet by the sea side. For many, the peace camp or sea camp is the first opportunity to meet the “others”: after the ethnic displacement during the wars and the manifestation of ethnic division through the Dayton Peace Treaty, encounters in the daily lives of young people do not take place a lot or are shaped by prejudice and hatred. For most of our activists, this two-week long peace camp in summer is the beginning of their engagement with „Youth United in Peace“ (YU-Peace).

In this video clip Indira Valjevac from Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina shares her experiences from her first peace camp 10 years ago and how it changed her perspective on the past war and affected her way of dealing with the past on a personal level.