“In the Israeli reality, dialogue is the most important tool we can use to acknowledge other narratives. There is power in these meetings, to break walls, where historic facts are no longer the most important questions. The thing that we’re missing the most in discussions about the conflict is empathy. In the seminar, for the first time, we’re stepping out of the news, the numbers, the statistics and the fear, and interact with the person in front of us. We are no longer „we vs. them“, we are „us“, that are affected and hurt from this ongoing war. The dialogue allows us to be honest, to face shame and to take responsibility.

On the personal level, I am grateful for the opportunity to create true and honest conversations and friendships. I was overwhelmed with the information I wasn’t exposed to before and was strategically hidden from me. I was given the chance to talk, but most importantly to listen. I honestly believe the seminar is a MUST for everyone involved in the conflict.”
Sheila* (*name changed), participant of the women*seminar 2019

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