In summer 2014, our partner organizations and former participants founded Youth United in Peace, a joint Youth Network which has a common logo in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina in order to further promote cooperation across borders and to make this cooperation more visible.
In the meantime, YU-Peace has become a strong network. All activities of the project Vacation from War in the former Yugoslavia are planned together with and implemented by the YU-Peace network. In the video clip, Amna Ribić explains what YU-Peace means for her and why she feels connected with the network.
“My name is Amna. I am from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Tuzla. I was always proud that I got to be born and lived in such a multi-cultural town. YU-Peace is a place where noone is the same but everyone is equal. A place without hate, only love for everyone and everything, where we are taught to be able to tolerate, to understand and to listen without judging and accept that the differences are the glue which keeps us all together. For me, YU-Peace means hope, the hope that one day humans will come to a conclusion that love and tolerance is the only way to progress. YU-Peace is a safe zone, a home in some way. It made me realize many things and helped me grow as a person. Every child should have a chance to participate in a project like this. Thank you.“