“The very first peace camp I went to changed me completely, because it showed me that I am not alone in the world. It made me feel less sad and less abandoned. And it became one of the reasons I am the person who I am today.”- Tijana Topić, YU-Peace activist

In our project part in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, many joined the project as youngsters or even kids by taking part in the peace camp at the sea side. For many of them, this was just the starting point and their journey with the project continues until today. Tijana Topić from Sombor, now 29 years old is one of those people, who until today are active with the network Youth United in Peace.
In summer 2014, our partner organizations and former participants founded Youth United in Peace, a joint Youth Network, which has a common logo in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina in order to further promote cooperation across borders and to make this cooperation more visible.

In the meantime, YU-Peace has become a strong network. All activities of the project Vacation from War in the former Yugoslavia are planned together with and implemented by the YU-Peace network.
Former participants of the seaside camps who are still very active meet each year for a joint camp to plan activities for the future and to discuss current political developments, fostering activism for peace and political and social change even more firmly in the everyday lives of young people.